Meeting Your New Neighbors

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Are you planning a move to a new neighborhood or community? Meeting your new neighbors can provide a sense of community that helps you feel safer, more settled and happier in your new environment. For some people, this could mean stepping out of your comfort zone, so here are four tips to help you connect with new faces!

Break the Ice Through Social Media

Social media connects people on a variety of levels, and tools are available for people to use after their big move. Social media sites such as Nextdoor and Facebook are very popular tools for neighborhoods and small towns to connect their residents. Search for a dedicated neighborhood page or group and find community members to engage with on a variety of topics. You can even use these sites to find recommendations for a local repair shop, handyman or nail salon!

Invite Neighbors Over

Nothing brings people together better than food. Hosting a simple cookout in your yard is a terrific way to bring people together for a meet and greet! Ask folks to bring some lawn chairs over and enjoy a potluck or barbecue, and set up some fun games for the neighborhood’s kids. Simplify this idea even more by inviting folks over for coffee and dessert.

Seek Out Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can easily connect you with new people that have similar passions. Whether it’s a local food bank or an animal shelter, you can quickly make friendships and connections with some great people on top of making an impact in your new community.

Simply Be Friendly

Small gestures go a long way in creating good relationships. Make some cookies, and go door-by-door to introduce yourself. If you are checking your mailbox or taking a walk in the neighborhood, strike up conversations with nearby neighbors if they are out and about as well. If you see someone unloading groceries or taking out the trash, offer a helping hand!

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