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Jeremy Harrell

Army Veteran Jeremy Harrell began his journey in the military to continue his family history of serving our country. However, his service did not stop after leaving the Army. Jeremy continues to create history and impact the lives of thousands of people with the Veteran’s Club Inc.

Jeremy has a history of military veterans in his family, but he was also inspired to serve our country through patriotism and honor that was instilled in him. He joined the US Army in 1999, and nine years and six different service locations later, he exited the military in 2008. Jeremy’s service took him all over the world. He served at Ft. Knox KY, Ft. Jackson SC, Ft. Lee VA, Ft. McCoy WI, Kuwait, and Iraq.

After leaving the military, Jeremy went into the manufacturing and logistics industry to work in operations management. Although he worked in the corporate world for many years, he never felt fulfilled. He wanted to serve a greater purpose, serve others, and create meaningful relationships in his work. Most importantly, he understood how difficult it was for military veterans returning to civilian life. He understood the obstacles and barriers that came up adjusting to new norms in society. He wanted to help guide fellow veterans through this difficult and vulnerable time in their lives. Thus, Jeremy acted on his entrepreneurial spirit and quit his corporate job to start the Veteran’s Club Inc. in Shelbyville, KY.

Veteran’s Club Inc. in a non-profit that aims to provide connection, healing, recovery and housing for the veteran community. Right beside the organizations’ community center and office building is Veteran’s Village – six houses they have built up to house veterans in need. The houses have all the arrangements one could need. With updated interior design and modern appliances, the Veteran’s Club treats all live-in guests with the utmost hospitality.

The non-profit provides many other services as well including equine facilitated mentoring programs, automotive repair vocational training, support groups and community meals and gatherings. They also have their Connections Program which provides service Members, veterans, and their families with a communal space to gather with one another and experience fellowship and comradery. Jeremy’s wife Erin Harrell (pictured) is the club’s Case Manager which oversees and performs the counseling and healing services. She cares for each and every individual that walks through their doors and continues to learn and educate herself to provide the best care possible for their veterans. You can read more about the Veteran’s Club and their impact here.

Jeremy, Erin, and the entire Veteran’s Club team work tirelessly to ensure that every Veteran is heard and tended to in order to be able to adjust to the new norms of civilian life as seamlessly as possible.

“I had challenges returning from my service and wanted to break down those barriers for those who came after me. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” – Jeremy Harrell on his inspiration to start Veteran’s Club Inc.

Marketing Coordinator Travis Yaga from the ALCOVA Mortgage Corporate Office in Roanoke, VA was honored to present Jeremy with his Hometown Hero award.

*Pictured left to right: Erin Harrell, Jeremy Harrell, and Marketing Coordinator Travis Yaga.

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