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Nice colonial style home
Nice colonial style home

Enter This Competitive Market With A Winning Offer!

In this aggressive real estate market, a strong offer is more important than ever. So, what can you do to improve your chances of submitting a winning offer? Get Certified! Get ALCOVA CAN-DO Certified!

ALCOVA’s CAN-DO Certification – Get a leg up with this one-of-a-kind guaranteed pre-approval!

  • Get a same-day pre-approval
  • Shop with confidence and a $3,000 guarantee
  • Compete against cash offers

A $3,000 guarantee?* YES! ALCOVA Mortgage will pay you $3,000.00, (Yes! That’s three thousand dollars!), should your loan not be approved after a valid CAN-DO Pre-Approval has been issued. This quick and easy process shows sellers that you are serious a buyer, putting you in a better position to win the bidding war.

Are you ready to begin your homebuying journey? Are you tired of being out-bid in this hot market? We are ready to give you the jumpstart you need!


Want to learn more about our quick and easy pre-approval process? Fill out our form below, and we will be in touch ASAP! We never share your data with anyone outside of ALCOVA.

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*Final loan approval is subject to the following conditions and failure to satisfy any item nullifies this pre-approval & payment offer:

  • No material change in financial condition, credit score, creditworthiness, or any of the Pre-Approval Parameters set forth above may occur between the above verification dates and closing. As applicable, this includes a failure to timely receive adequate proceeds from the sale of a currently mortgaged property;
  • A suitable dwelling must secure the loan. This means, at a minimum:
    • The executed sales contract allows for a conventional loan and provides for a closing date on or before the Offer Expiration date;
    • The sales price is supported by an appraisal or dwelling is eligible for an appraisal waiver;
    • Applicable FNMA / FHLMC property conditions are satisfied; and
    • A satisfactory title report and title commitment are received;
  • The full and timely execution & return of all relevant documents, disclosures, contracts, proof of insurance, or similar items.

Payment available only if all of the conditions set forth herein are satisfied, but final loan approval is not issued by ALCOVA by the Offer Expiration date. As used in this offer, “pre-approval” means that borrower requirements for a conforming conventional mortgage loan appear to be met based on your credit report and financial data verified up to this point. A written commitment to make a mortgage loan has not yet been issued and your application/loan has not yet been approved.


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