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7 Tips to Keep Cool at Home This Summer

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When you think of summer, you probably think of BBQs, beach time strolls and visits to the pool. While those are some great thoughts, the truth is that you probably also think about those harsh summer temperatures. Keep yourself and your house nice and cool this summer with these handy, budget-friendly tips!

Close the Blinds

If you have windows that receive direct sunlight at any part of the day, you’ll benefit from keeping the blinds closed or curtains drawn for at least the sunniest part of the day. For rooms on lower floors, try turning your blinds upwards to prevent rays and heat from sneaking through.

Apply Heat Reducing Film

One quick and easy way to keep your home cool is to apply a reflective, heat-reducing window film to regulate the temperature. As a bonus, it also keeps warm air inside during the winter months!

Keep Interior Doors Open

Leave your interior doors open, particularly if you lack an open concept living space. Open doors allow air to circulate more freely, eliminating hot spots and regulating the temperature in your house.

Grill More

When temperatures soar, step outside and grill your meals. Using an oven will considerably raise the temperature of your home. This is one home cooling tip most homeowners can easily get behind, and the good news is that there are numerous ways to cook a meal on the grill.

Plant More Foliage

Though the payback on this may take a few seasons, planting shade trees and foliage around your home can help stop heat from seeping in through the windows and roof. Not to mention the results will also be quite eye-appealing!

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can help keep your home cool and save a bundle on energy costs. It can automatically adjust to a more efficient temperature while you’re out of the house all day, and then re-adjust to a cooler temperature so when you arrive it’s comfortably cool without wasting energy all day.

Set Up Ceiling Fans

By installing ceiling fans, you can create air movement that will help you cool down while avoiding the cost of dropping the thermostat temperature. Additionally, you can run your bathroom exhaust fans during the summer months which will help expel the rising warm air to the exterior of your home.

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