The Pro’s of Off-Season Home Loans

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Cold winter temperatures don’t have to keep you from getting out and looking at homes. If you have been considering buying a home for the first time or if you are ready to find that perfect dream home, now is a good time to come out of hibernation and start looking. Let’s look at some ways that off-season home shopping can be beneficial to buyers!

Motivated Sellers

Prime time purchase season typically starts in April and ends in August. This season can be very competitive between buyers and sellers, making bidding wars quite frequent. This likelihood lessens during the winter, and sellers are highly motivated. Busy holidays and the impending arrival of tax season are just a couple reasons why sellers are more likely to negotiate the price of a home with winter home buyers.

Inclined Servicing Professionals

The winter off-season also provides financial opportunities with servicing professionals such as realtors, appraisers, and home inspectors. The quiet season makes them hungry for clients with the likelihood of striking a deal being more likely. Servicing professionals also have more time on their hands, and they can provide their services faster with fewer clients in the pipeline. It’s a win-win for buyers as these professionals are even more eager to offer their services and have more time to cater to the buyer’s needs.

Winter-Tested Homes

The bitter cold months also present buyers with a golden opportunity to put potential homes to the ultimate winter test. Water heaters, plumbing, furnaces, and roofs are put to the test during the winter. This is the perfect time to see just how well they are performing. If anything needs attention or repairs, buyers may be able to strike a deal with the seller and negotiate the price down.

With the possibility of a quicker turnaround time, more time with the service professionals who can help you, and maybe even a better deal, there are plenty of reasons to consider buying during the winter off-season. If we at ALCOVA Mortgage can be of assistance to you with mortgage questions or financing needs, call us today!

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