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Plan on Doing These 5 Long-Term Home Updates

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Owning a home requires regular and seasonal maintenance that you must stay on top off. Whether it’s changing your air filters, cleaning gutters, or testing your smoke detectors, there is always plenty to do around the house. But did you know that there are major updates that may be needed about every ten years?

Hot Water Heater

As a rule of thumb, experts suggest considering getting a replacement for your hot water tank about once every ten years. Hot water heaters usually don’t show warning signs of leaking or failure, so routine maintenance and a replacement after about ten years can give you some peace of mind. Not sure how old your hot water heater is? Look for a manufacture date on the tank, or you might be able to find it embedded in the serial number.

Exterior Paint

Depending on your environment, your home’s exterior paint may fade and chip sooner rather than later. Typically, wood siding should be repainted about every three to seven years, while aluminum siding and stucco can last about every five years. If it’s been about ten years since your last paint job, it is definitely time to find a local painter or even break out your own paint brush!


When your windows start to age, your energy efficiency is going to take a hit. Replacing old, drafty windows with new ones can save you on your heating and cooling bill while also updating the appearance of your home.


Time will also impact the look of your carpet. Your average, medium-grade carpet will last between five to fifteen years, but it also depends on how many people reside in your home, including children and pets. In a household of two to four people, you can expect your carpet to last about five years before the fibers start looking frayed and the color becomes dull.


The seemingly simple question of how often a roof should be replaced has a complex answer. Experts recommend 12-20 years for a composition shingle roof, 15-30 years for an asphalt shingle roof, 20-25 years for a wooden shingle roof, and 50-75 years for a metal roof. You may need to replace your roof sooner, however, if it shows sagging in the roof deck, leaking or water damage, dark spots, visible holes, missing shingles, or any mold or rot. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, a roof should be inspected twice a year in the spring and once in the fall so homeowners can stay on top of any necessary maintenance.

Nothing in your home lasts forever, so be prepared by starting a home repair/upgrade savings account so you’ll have the funds to cover necessary replacements and repairs as needed. If you are saving for a home of your own, contact us today to learn more about your options!

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