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Letting Our Values Lead the Way

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The late Billy Graham was known for his convictions and his character by all that knew him.  A big part of the reason is because Mr. Graham worked early in his ministry with members of his leadership team to come up with the “Modesto Manifesto” which was a simple list of core principles and values that the group pledged to uphold.  Billy Graham and his ministry were certainly not perfect – no person or institution is.  It’s clear, however, that Graham never steered away from these core values, and he guided his ministry and kept it free from scandal over the course of 60 plus years.

Here at ALCOVA, we firmly believe that our values define our actions, and we recently took steps to redefine and update our own company values. Core values are vital to a company as they support the vision, shape the culture, and reflect the company’s identity. Just as Graham used his own set of values to guide his ministry, ALCOVA uses these values to identify ourselves to partners and clients, to make decisions on the future of our company, and to bolster our growth.


Our values are the building blocks to creating a first-class customer experience.

INNOVATION: We embrace technology as a tool to provide better service.

RESPECT: We treat people with dignity and value the opinions and perspectives of all.

HONESTY: We insist on truthfulness, transparency and openness.

TENACITY: We are guided by a can-do spirit and seek to see the positive side in every situation.

INDEPENDENCE: We encourage an entrepreneurial approach and empower our teams to use their expertise to best serve customers.

TEAMWORK: We foster collaboration, communication and the active involvement of all employees.

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