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House Hunting During a Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic radically changed how we function day-to-day, especially in the real estate industry. The housing market, however, has not slowed down so if you are still looking to buy this summer, here is a list of tips for house hunting during a pandemic!

Video Tours

One of the most exciting parts of house hunting is touring houses you are looking at buying. With people practicing social distancing and taking extra safety measures, video tours became a great digital option. When combined with listing photos, video tours can give buyers a good feel for the property including its condition and its layout. Video tours can also help buyers rule out potential listings and come up with a shortlist of options to view in person.

Ask A Lot of Questions

There are plenty of things you might notice in person that you should definitely ask about during a video tour. This includes asking for demonstrations like asking for someone to open the windows, turn on faucets and flip on lights. Even smells are worth asking about. Also ask about seeing the home’s exterior including the front and backyard and garage. Finally, make sure you get the facts about the surrounding neighborhood and local community.

Take Precautions

Once you have your shortlist of homes you would like to view in person, be prepared to take some extra precautions before your visit. Wear a mask and gloves to make sure you are not spreading germs or picking up any from surfaces of the home. You can also bring along some travel size hand sanitizer with you in case there is not any on site provided by your realtor or the homeowner.

Do Not Procrastinate

While we are seeing the pandemic set back many industries and even our daily routines, one thing that is not slowing down is the housing market. With rates historically low, more people are looking to buy now more than ever. If you find a home you are interested in, it is better to move quickly to purchase, especially in a seller’s market. To put it mildly, you will likely be up against a lot of competition, so if you like a property, put your best foot forward and be prepared to make a strong offer.

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