Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid!

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You’ve finally found the home you want to buy, put down an offer, and negotiated a final price with the seller. All the hard work is done, right? Not so fast! The home inspection is one of the most crucial steps when buying a home, so be sure to avoid these mistakes.

Skipping It

Even though a home may look perfect at a glance, it could secretly have problems that are hard for the average eye to spot. Some buyers skip this step to save money, but it’s worth the time and money. The last thing you want is to buy your dream home, only to have to deal with the nightmare of costly problems down the road, like termites, structural issues or even mold.

Going Cheap

You’re already spending plenty of money on buying a house but looking to save dollars on a home inspection isn’t a very bright idea. Cheaper prices advertised by inspectors could signal a lack of experience or they are not utilizing the latest equipment on the job. Your real estate agent can help you pinpoint competent professionals in your area, but it never hurts to check out the inspector’s online reviews before committing.

Being Absent

Many home inspectors recommend that buyers attend the home inspection. This is a golden opportunity for you to understand the details they are putting into their report, to ask any follow-up questions, and to simply learn more about the house. Just don’t get overly involved or start testing things yourself. For example, testing a sink while the inspector is testing a shower could alter the results.


No house is perfect, and a home inspection report will point out the flaws, whether major or minor. Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of deficiencies noted in the inspector’s report. Home inspections are very detailed, and can include anywhere from 50 to 100 issues, most of which are relatively small. The key is to ask questions, so you understand the scale of each issue discovered.

Negotiating Poorly

Only follow-up with the seller on any major flaws that the inspector noted in his report. Sellers will be more receptive if they’re presented with a reasonable list of demands. However, if you nickel-and-dime them for every little thing in the report, you run the risk of causing the seller to back out of the contract.

Remember, home inspections are meant to give you peace of mind when buying a house. Looking for peace of mind on your next home loan or refinance? Our ALCOVA Loan Officers are here to help!

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