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Michael Carson
Branch Partner
NMLS ID# 112042 | Licensed In: NC, SC, VA
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Originally from: Charlotte, NC

What I like about this business: Helping first-time homebuyers is always rewarding!

Movies I like: The Last Samurai, Forest Gump and As Good as It Gets

Local hangouts I like: Freedom Park, Fahrenheit

What I'm involved in: Ministry, Friendship Trays, local schools

My dream vacation is: Italy or Greece


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102-C Waxhaw Professional Park Dr., Ste. 100 Waxhaw, NC 28173

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Daniel and Ashley
I've know and the Carson Team for 10 years now. When we were ready to buy it wasnt even a question as to where we'd go for a loan. Michael brought everything to the table as he worked tirelessly through Covid-19 to help make our dream a reality in spite of the special circumstances. We got a great interest rate. We feel good about our loan, payment, and new home. Michael is easy to work with and took time to explain every step and answer our countless questions. No fault of Michaels, when our first loan didn't meet the criteria, Michael had another ready in just a few days. I've already recommended him to a few of my co-workers. I'd do it all over again except im so satisfied.
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Fantastic Experience
Michael and Nicole were absolutely fantastic to work with. During my first conversation with Nicole we discussed a couple of special circumstances regarding my loan and she was happy to take the time to work through them with me so that I would qualify. Michael helped me with the rest of the process and was knowledgeable and professional and let me know what to expect when. I would gladly and highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a mortgage.
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Egregious & Unethical Lending practices
Led us to hell. Sent my documents into the system and upon request for lending Carson sent me a preApproval and not once but 3x. I went into several negotiations based on him assuring the process and as a consumer trusted his guidance. Shelled out thousands in the process for due diligence, escrows, inspections, appraisals and took time from work for such negotiations, sold personal property readying for the move - packing expenses—- then 2 days before closing Mr. Carson tells me he made an error with my income and assumed I was an employee when fact was I submitted 1099 from initial application but for whatever reason he overlooked and by his fault on that I was actually not even qualified!!’ So the deal was off , an apology was given but that’s not good enough when such a huge error caused so much duress and loss of so much! I don’t know the process but again trusted the lender the entire time to take my financials and verify them and this obviously wasn’t done. This has given me a false sense to ever trust the process because it put me in severe loss over $4,000 not including personal property I liquidated thinking I needed to sell to move to this smaller property and I have to find somewhere else to move because the place we live we have given notice that we were moving. I don’t Trust or recommend This lending company after this. It’s absolutely egregious they would issue me an approval , have me go through negotiations that cost thousands without even properly verifying my financials I submitted. This is terrible to think they approve people and have them go through the whole process and two days before close say oh I’m sorry I assumed you were an employee- absolutely egregious and unethical behavior. It’s not right at all.
Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

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