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Avoid These Common Organizing Mistakes!

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Getting organized around the house is at the top of the to-do list for so many people. But once they get started, the disorganization and clutter can seem insurmountable. Maybe you are just going about it the wrong way! Conquer your clutter by avoiding these five common organization mistakes!

Container Blunders

Containers are useful tools, but too many bins and baskets can look messy in plain sight while also taking up a lot of space! A budget-friendly investment in a piece of storage-savvy furniture, like a cubby will look stylish while serving as a storage tool. Of course, storage bins are going to be required for some of your organization projects, so be sure to follow these smart tips! Know what bin sizes you need (and measure your storage space at home if necessary), buy clear bins so you can easily see the contents, and select storage containers of the same size and manufacturer so that they will stack neatly.

Stacks of Paper

Paper is one of the most frustrating items in your house to organize and stacking papers in a neat pile will not solve the problem! Creating a functional command center can help you sort your mail and bills into categories for easy access. A working scanner is a life-saver for this problem as well by taking the paper out of your life completely. Use it to digitize important receipts and documents instead of holding on to physical copies. Shred what you scanned, and make sure to back your files up on a second hard drive as a precaution.

Out of Sight

A big mistake people make when organizing is thinking that everything needs a place while being out of sight. Keep in mind that organizing is meant to make your life easier. So, if you use your kitchen mixer frequently, don’t waste time storing it away under the counter all the time! Be conscious of the items you use regularly and always keep them easily accessible.

Unused Items

A lot of people make the mistake of holding onto items that they really don’t use or need when they try to organize. It is never easy to part with items, but allowing yourself to get rid of the clutter will make both your home and life so much more productive and manageable while opening your storage space. Here are a few questions to ponder while sorting through everything:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I have the space for it?
  • Am I using it?

Be Realistic!

When you are done organizing, your home won’t look like a show home or something straight out of a home living magazine. Be realistic! It’s OK to let personality show in your space. The key is to find organization techniques that work for your family and stick to them.

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