8 Expert Yard Sale Tips

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Whether you’re de-cluttering your home before listing it on the market, or you just need to purge items you no longer need, earn some extra cash by hosting a yard sale. Of course, unlike donating everything to the nearest Goodwill, a lot of hard work and planning goes in to putting on a successful yard sale. Here’s what you need to know if you want to become a yard sale expert!

Plan Like a Pro!

The first step is to decide on the time, date and place. It can vary depending on your area, but most yard sales start between 7 and 9 a.m. If you have a lot of items to sell, consider stretching your sale over two days. If you are only looking to sell a few items, hold a group sale with family or friends.

An accessible location is a big point to tackle as well. Pick a spot that’s easily visible from the road that provides plenty of parking.

Get the word out before the sale through some simple advertising. You will need to check your local city and county ordinances on what is permitted for signage. Your signs don’t need to be fancy but they need to include the date of the sale, your address, and an arrow pointing shoppers to your home. Signs, however, are just one piece of your strategy. You can also advertise on social media! Toss in some key words like “heirlooms,” “kid’s toys,” or “antiques” to target your products to the appropriate buyers.

Don’t be Greedy!

Above all, remember, this is a yard sale. People want deals, which means cheap prices! If you’re unsure how to price your items, go to a few nearby yard sales or hit up the local thrift store to see what items cost. You can even turn to eBay to research what people have paid for sold items. A good rule of thumb is to sell things for one-half to one-third their original price. Use painting tape when pricing your items for an easy peel-off that won’t leave any sticky residue.

As far as presentation, no one wants to dig through a pile of stuff. Set up your sale like a miniature department store, with like-items together and pricing categories like a $1 section. Create some classy ambiance with music playing. Make even more money by selling drinks and snacks – just keep it tidy!

Don’t compromise with an early-bird who wants to haggle on your price. Instead, tell them you’ll give them a deal if it doesn’t sell at the end of the day. As the day winds down, don’t be afraid to lower prices or offer everything half off.

Guard Your Cash!

You can never be too careful with your cash during a yard sale. You will be very busy and easily distracted so avoid using a money box. Instead, put on a pocketed apron or fanny pack to keep your money on you at all times. Have lots of small bills to make change for customers, and keep a ledger of what you sold for how much.

After your yard sale is over, take the leftover items to a donation location. It’s possible that some charities will even pick up your donations if you schedule it in advance. It’s best to get rid of anything leftover right away to prevent it from sneaking back into your house.

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