6 Ways to Support Small Businesses You Love

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Small businesses are the heart of our communities, yet many are being hit hard by COVID-19-related shutdowns and limits on doing business. Want to lend your support? Here are six ways you can help your favorite small businesses!

Shop Early

If you’re in a financial position to do so, go ahead and complete shopping now that you would typically wait to do for a few months for occasions like birthdays, back-to-school or even the holiday season.

Order & Pick-Up

Many small businesses creatively evolved in order to deal with COVID-19-related shutdowns and limits on doing business. From pushing online orders to curbside pickups, small businesses are doing everything they can to keep going. Support their efforts by ordering their products directly off their website or over the phone and get your order shipped or picked up outside their location.

Purchase Gift Cards

Buying gift cards gives a small business a cashflow now to make it through hard times. It is essentially a no-interest loan from you, which you can use now or later or gift to someone else.

Post Positive Reviews

We’ve all headed to Google, Facebook or Yelp to research businesses and check their reviews. These reviews have an incredible impact, so take a few minutes and leave your favorite small businesses a glowing review. You can also be vocal on your social media by tagging or sharing your favorite local businesses and encouraging your family and friends to support them.

Recognize Businesses for Their Community Impact

Think about local businesses that you consistently see giving back to your community. Maybe they support your child’s Little League team each year or they volunteer, donate or sponsor charities that are close to your heart. Now is the time to pay them back for that generosity through your vocal or financial support.

Say Thank You

Do you personally know people who own small businesses in your area? Write a card, order flowers (which helps the local flower shop) or make a sizable tip to the owners and workers in your community. The stress and obligation these owners feel to provide for their employees is palpable. Simply saying “thank you” goes a long way to brightening their day.

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