6 Unpacking Tips You Need to Know

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Moving is never an easy undertaking. So much goes into planning and packing for the big move, but what about unpacking after everything arrives at your new home? Here are some tips to keep yourself organized and efficient as you unpack!

Organize While Unloading

Hopefully, you clearly labeled all your boxes with colored markers or stickers to direct which room each box goes in. That way you can prevent any confusion and ensure that your boxes go to the correct room. Once everything is placed in the proper room, you are ready to get started unpacking.

Start with the Essentials

One of the best packing strategies is to pack an essentials box that contains everything you could possibly need for the first couple of days into your move. This box could include clothes, bed linens, toothbrushes, important tools, and even a first aid kit. Make sure that this box is one of the first boxes off the truck.

Unpack the Kitchen

Starting in the kitchen is the best approach as it is one of the most used places in a house. Before you begin to open boxes, stop and strategically think about how you want to store your items in each cabinet and what fits best where. Then begin by lining the cupboards first. However, if you are in a hurry, just unpack the essentials like pots, pans, and food containers. Hook up major appliances in addition to the smaller handy ones like your coffee pot or Keurig.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms are Next Up

After all the work you put in on moving, you are going to really want a soft spot to lie down at the end of the day. Put your bed(s) together and unpack the linens for each bedroom. If you have kids, you will want to assist them with getting their bed assembled, and they can handle putting on the sheets.

In addition to a comfy bed, a nice hot shower will reward you after all the crazy moving duties. This is, again, where your essentials box will come in handy. Unpack your towels, shampoo, shower curtains, toothbrushes, and any important medications and set up shop!

Assemble Furniture

Some people like to obtain floor plans to their new home before the move, so they can think ahead on how they want to arrange their furniture. You only want to touch items once to be efficient with your time and energy, so always plan first. Large pieces that need assembling should be completed once you know where furniture will be placed.

Own Your New Home

It’s never too early to make the house your own. Hang pictures and place family photos around the house early in your unpacking. It will help to make the space feel familiar and comfortable while you unpack.

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