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4 Must-Do Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

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A change of seasons always necessitates a few home maintenance chores, and spring marks a great time to tackle some tasks outside in the fresh air. From roof repair to foundation drainage, these chores will get your home in shape from top to bottom!

Inspect Your Roof

Spring is the perfect time to inspect your roof for any winter damage and address any problems before they become major problems. Carefully climb onto your roof and sweep away any leaves and debris to prevent water buildup. While you’re up there, examine your shingles to see if any are missing or loose and make sure your gutters are free of debris. You will also want to inspect your chimney for loose or damaged flashing and missing mortar.

Fireplace Maintenance

With warmer weather arriving, you can take the necessary steps to retire your fireplace for a while. Simply shovel out any ashes and make sure the damper is closed to prevent drafts, rainwater, or animals from entering your home through your chimney. If you notice soot buildup, go ahead and contact a chimney pro to clean it before your next cold season.

Prepare Your Air Conditioner

It might seem a little too early to be thinking about hot weather, but routine air conditioner maintenance can truly be beneficial when the time comes to turn it on. Your air filter will likely have seen its fair share of dirt and buildup during the cold winter months so be sure to change out your filters. This affects the air you breathe, as well as the performance and longevity of your equipment.

Clean Your Garage

Get a jump on your spring cleaning by starting in your garage. Begin by taking everything out and doing a sweep of the floor, getting out any cobwebs and dust that may have built up. Then, organize and place items back in the order you’ll be using them. Stick the holiday décor and snow blower in a place where they won’t get in the way of the outdoor equipment you’ll want to use very soon.

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