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4 Home Exterior Painting Tips You Need to Know

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In addition to increasing curb appeal and the resale value of your home, a fresh paint job on the exterior of your home creates a line of defense against the harsh elements. Here are four exterior painting tips every homeowner should know!

Pick the Right Paint

It all starts with picking the best paint for your home. Budget how much you want to spend on the project, and buy the best paint you can reasonably afford, because cost is an excellent indication of quality. For home exterior paints, there are two basic types – water-based latex and oil-based alkyd. There are some basic differences between them. Water-based latex paint cleans up with soap and water, dries quickly, has minimal odor, and remains flexible longer, making it less likely to crack. Oil-based alkyd paints, on the other hand, require paint thinner for cleanup, dry slowly, and possess a stronger odor. Many professional painters prefer this variety, however, because it’s durable, stain-resistant, and dries with fewer brush marks.

Read That Label

A beautiful paint job starts with thoroughly reading the instructions, especially when it comes to monitoring the temperature outside and prepping the surface. Most paints should be applied when the temperature is above 50 degrees F. Some paints, however, are specially formulated for use when the temperature is as low as 35 degrees. Whatever paint you chose, always make sure you are applying it under the right conditions.

Never Skip on Prep

For the new paint to adhere to the surface, you must clean the house’s exterior of all dirt, grime, mildew, and chalky residue. This can be accomplished with using a power sprayer or hand scrubbing the surface with a stiff-bristle brush. You can paint directly over the old painted surface if it’s in good condition. Be sure to scrape and sand any spots where the old paint has blistered or flaked off. Investing in a good primer may be necessary as it ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection. When it comes to painting with primer, unpainted exterior surfaces require applying a primer coat followed by two topcoats of paint. Primer is also recommended for any painted surface that requires significant scraping and repairs.

Now You’re Painting

The fastest, most effective way to apply exterior paint is with both a paintbrush and a roller. Brush paint onto narrow surfaces, edges, and smaller areas, and use a short, small-diameter roller to paint large and long surfaces such as siding. Small craft brushes from art/craft supply stores are great for those small crevices or detailed areas. Always begin painting on the shady side of the house. Painting in direct sunlight will make the paint dry too quickly. Consequently, it won’t adhere well and will flake prematurely. Start painting near the top of the house and work your way down, and don’t neglect basic ladder safety.

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