3 Tips to Give Your Yard a Spring Boost

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Now that the winter chill is no longer here, it’s time to assess your landscaping and see what you can do to revitalize it for the spring season! Here are a few spring landscaping tips that will make your yard turn heads this year.

Aerate Your Lawn

Over time, your lawn might become compacted, especially with a lot of foot traffic or heavy debris. In such cases, you will need to aerate the lawn. Warm-season grasses like bermuda grass begin their period of active growth in summer, so aerating your lawn in late spring will ensure healthy, rapid growth in the holes you create. It is best to aerate the yard when the soil is moist, not saturated, and before doing any reseeding or fertilizing.

Grab the Fertilizer

Give your lawn its first round of fertilizer in the spring by about mid-April when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to apply a light covering of a slow-release fertilizer. Be sure to read the fertilizer label for directions regarding watering before or after the application. Some fertilizers need moisture after application to break down, and other fertilizers may guide you to water the lawn before spreading.

Spread the Mulch

Applying mulch in flower beds and around trees goes a long way to help them retain moisture during the spring. It also helps to decrease the temperature of plant roots and insulates them should there be an unexpected freeze. Visually, it also adds a neat appearance to your yard. Apply around 3 inches of mulch while keeping in mind that if the layer of mulch is too thin, it will not successfully retain moisture or suppress weed growth. If you put down too much mulch, it will suffocate your plants. Professionals also recommend that mulch be kept 2-3 inches from the base of trees, shrubs and other woody perennials.

As your grass grows, don’t forget to pull out your mower and do a thorough inspection, de-winterize it, and sharpen the blades. Following these handy tips will go a long way to give your yard a boost this spring!

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